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Black Plated Auto-Sharpening Cutting Machine

Functions and Features:

1. Using black plated craft, even you are working under the lights at night, your eyes will not be hurted;

2. It is suitable to cut materials such as cotton, woolens, linen, silk, chemical fiber, leather, etc.

3. Black Coating Type has features such as concentrated lubrication, neat cutting section, small-curvature radius curvilinear cutting, low noise, stable running, easy operation, high efficiency, automatic knife grinding, etc. It is an ideal cutting tool for garment industry.

Model Rating Power(W) Rating Voltage(V) Rating Frequency(Hz) Cutting Height(mm) Rotate Speed(r.p.m) Net Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
PLS-3A(750/850) 750/850 110/220 50/60 110,160,210,260 2800/3400 15 760×405×320


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