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  • PLS-1412PMR2


    12-needle flat-bed double chain stitch with double pleating These series can do almost all kinds of rufflies(pleats) by changing the cam(total 14 cams). It has ruching (seam shringking) device. And is applicable for pleating of children’s clothes. Shirt. Women’s garments. Bed gowns. Bedspreads and curtains.

  • PLS-1425PQ/FS-1433PQ


    25 or 33 needle flat-bed double chain stitch sewing machine with bobbin elastic Needle: polyester thread. Looper: polyester thread. Elastic Thread: threading on of needle plate.

  • PLS-1433PSSM/FS-1425PSSM


    25 or 33 needle flat-bed double chain smocking and shirring stitch sewing machine with looper elastic thread The application of thin knitted, Georgette, thick material and sturdy it decorative sewing sewing, flat seam, Chouzhe, playing and cable, thread the use of ordingary line; as line using the elastic line can be thin materials do stretch Chouzhe fight cable. Send line full the ministry of tugs devices, more perfect stitch.

  • PLS-1412PSM-MR


    12-Needle Flat-bed double Chain Stitch with Double Pleating This machine has 14 kinds of pleating color wheel can be replaced only need th replace the wheel of the pleating, you can fold out the different styles of pleating side; beautiful shape, easy to operate, easy to maintain, Applies to all kinds of discount sewing processes, such as children’s clothing, shirt, women, bed spreads, curtains discount with

  • PLS-1012PSM-N


    12-Needle Flat-bed double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine With Shirring On-line for the elastic line, no off the assembly line, using 19-112 curved needle. There are a variety of chrysanthe mum can sew a variety of patterns.

  • PLS-1412PSM


    12-needle Flat-bed Double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine with Shirring You can use the 18 style pattern cam faceplate with decorative line with each other to create a wide variety of attractive patterns, Swing plate design, the special design of the double three-way. Can use the two faceplate, alternating the outside of a faceplate, used to swing following a two-tier swing board; and the other a faceplate to swing the swing of the top layer of the version. Such a special design, you can create a rich three-dimensional like a relief-like patterns. To sew the thin moderate thick clothing supplies to play football, but also the bottom line replaced by the special purpose of the elastic line, while the elastic line to play football for thin materials.

  • PLS-1404PSF


    4-needle Flat-bed Double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine (For Shirt Fronting) FS-1404 series platform, multi-neddle machine, on the elastic the placket roll bar on the waist, decorative sewing. For underwear, sportswear, women, clothes,upholstery. Model MR: playing cable device WB: upper lumbar device PSF: placket device PSM: decorative device PSSM: play cable and decorative devices PI: roll bar device ET: off the assembly line for elastic line dedicated Attachments MD-1: elastic cloth feed adjustment device 

  • PLS-2000CP

    Double Needle Flat-Bed Making Belt Loop with Front Fabric Cutter(The Width of Belt Loop)

    Double needle flat-bed making belt loop with front fabric cutter(the width of belt loop) Model: PLS-2000CP 2-needle,flat bed,making belt loop machine with front fabric cutter and lower puller(the width of belt loop)

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